Cueva Productions is an entertainment production company committed to making Jesus known through art, innovating and generating new models and ways of seeing, thinking and producing. We recognize that God is an artist and that the art world needs to know him.

La Varieté – Let your senses fly


It’s an night full of art where Christian and non-Christian artists present their different disciplines and talents. The reason why we organize this Varieté is to be able to generate a friendship with each artist and through it talk about Jesus.


Cherish My Closet



It’s a clothing store, makeup classes and a YouTube channel designed to be of influence through social networks and thus disciple the new generations of women. God gave beauty to each one of them and our goal is that every woman can recognize it and thus know the original design of God for each one.



Cueva Café Catering – Food Truck


It’s a cafe that functions in a trailer or food truck, which sells different types of hot drinks and delicacies for breakfast.

We also offer a catering service for events.

The goal is also to make God known to each client.