School of Communications and Social Action (SCSA)

If you are someone with a heart for transformation, for bringing things to light and denouncing unjust causes, the School of Communication and Social Action (SCSA) is for you.

The purpose of this school is to understand the prophetic role of the media from a biblical worldview, to equip students using different tools to communicate God’s perspective on the social issues that the world faces in the 21st Century and mobilize us towards a social transformation.


The objective of this course is to equip, train and offer tools so that our students generate a vision and passion for social transformation and mobilization, and that each principle can be put into practice through audiovisual media.

Students will obtain general knowledge of communications (Photography, Video, Video Editing, Graphic Design, Social Networks and Journalism) and will learn from a biblical perspective about the 7 areas of society. They will also understand the importance and role of communications in this 4th Wave of Missions and how to communicate in other cultures and to other cultures.

The school has a duration of 12 weeks where the first 10 will be exclusive for the teaching curriculum and in the last 2 weeks, the creation of a social campaign putting into practice everything learned and help bringing light on some current social situation.

To enroll for this school, please send an email to: requesting information and specifying your country of residence.