Casa de la Mujer

The «House of Women» is an integral center of accompaniment and physical, emotional, social and spiritual containment for women. Our main task is to restore God’s original design and the dignity with which it was created.

This movement works together with our Women of Faith ministry. Throughout the year as a missionary community, we’ve been part of the struggle for women, exalting the original design of God’s heart calling us to urgently respond to the need of families, mothers and unborn children.

We’re part of the National Network to Accompany Women with Vulnerable Pregnancies (0800-333-1148) because we believe that the timely intervention of counseling could help build a new sense of motherhood.

As “Casa de la Mujer Ituzaingo” we have created a series of 3 modules that comprehensively address biological, psychological and judicial aspects, to provide a gradual training in this task. In addition to the modules, we have the manual «Workshop for strengthening motherhood from pregnancy» that seeks to contain and accompany future mothers.

If you want to acquire them, you can get in touch through our social networks.


Module 1

Biological Aspect 

This manual aims to address issues related to women’s health during the pregnancy process, considering the main vulnerability factors that can induce abortion as an alternative solution.

Module 2

Psychological and Spiritual Aspect

This manual is an approach from the psychological and spiritual point of view that provides elements for the accompaniment of women in situations of vulnerability, bringing healing and transformation.

Module 3

Social Legal Aspect

In this manual you will have a current and understandable social view of the elementary legal aspects for the approach to containment of women who are in vulnerable situations.