The communications ministry of our missionary community is focused on spreading and proclaiming the Gospel through the mass media (Romans 1: 8) and transmitting the heart of the mission and community. In addition, we serve the YWAM bases locally, nationally and internationally.

How do we serve?

  • Updating our Website.
  • Creating promotional pieces for ministries and events.
  • A virtual community for YWAMers and churches called «DIVULGALO» (WEAR IT OUT).
  • Workshops on communications, social media, photography.
  • Community management for our YWAM base and ministries.
  • Visualizing and informing against social problems.
  • Creating social campaigns.
  • Creating content for social networks.

A graphic campaign that was made during the debate of the Abortion Bill in Argentina in 2018 for the body of Christ to stand and pray for both lives.