Our vision is to provide pastoral care to the missionaries in the field, to promote a prayer movement in favor of the missionaries and the work they do, and to mobilize the churches with the missionary vision.


  • Containment: Visits to missionaries in the field or here in Argentina, words of encouragement, personal discipleship, counseling.

  • Facilitators: Communication with the missionaries by mail or telephone, prayer and intercession for them (spiritual warfare), sending devotionals, greetings for their birthdays, letters, cds, diaries, care packages, etc. Maintaining contact with family members, information, procedures, etc. Helping them in their field trip, while they’re there and when they return.

  • Mobilization and Training: Visiting churches with tools, courses, workshops on missions, etc. Support for cross-cultural missions retreats and conferences. We have a YWAM stand that we take to churches and their 

    activities where people can have information about the YWAM ministries and the different missionaries in the field.


  • Times of intercession for the missionaries.
  • Reading mail and answering it.
  • Keeping the information of the missionaries up to date in the field.
  • Communicating to the mission (workers and leaders) about the current situation of the missionaries.
  • Making deposits of offerings that are received for the missionaries.
  • Planning, organizing and holding meetings with a missionary focus, either on Fridays at the YWAM base or in the churches.
  • Reception of missionaries who come from the mission field.
  • Encouraging people who have a transcultural calling to listen to God and move in His time to serve in the place where He has called them.


  • To offer churches the «Impact for Eternity» seminar, a seminar that helps to understand the desire and purpose of God’s heart for the unreached.
  • A School of Missions.
  • To visit the different bases of Argentina and work together with the mission ministries of each base.
  • To support the mission ministries of the local Churches.


  • God’s missionary heart
  • Biblical basis of the missions
  • The local church and missions
  • The unreached
  • World evangelization
  • Intercession for the unreached
  • Religious Blocks
  • The 9 borders
  • Strategic alliances
  • The missionary sending plan
  • Historical perspective of the missions