Through the world of sports we take the Gospel so that Christ would be known by every person in every place.


Sport is a universal language that helps us proclaim the Gospel, make disciples and serve the local church in obedience to the Bible. We live as servants, working in teams and building alliances in each city and each country.

Within the Ministry of Sports we work in different areas:

Soccer School

In our soccer school we offer theoretical and practical classes for children and teenagers. Through a weekly program, we carry out different training activities, teaching values and Christian principles that shape the character and transform the lives of the children.


  • We commit ourselves to transmit, above all things, the principles and teachings that the culture of Jesus offers us.
  • We value each individual as Jesus would, helping them to find their identity and purpose in Him.
  • We encourage the development of each person’s natural abilities and talents so that they can get involved in society in an appropriate way.
  • We involve other ministries, institutions and friends so that they can be part of different activities for which they’re trained for.
  • Teamwork and personal improvement is a fundamental value.

Major sport eventss

Every so often a country hosts a sporting event and receives thousands of people who come together to witness the best athletes on Earth. The whole world observes from their houses what happens in that country.

Be it the World Cup, the Olympics, national tournaments, etc., it’s there that we believe that we have to mobilize and make the most of the opportunity for others to know Jesus through our service.

During the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games we had the opportunity to be part of a private act that was held to honor the Argentine athletes who would represent us in China.

At the World Cup in South Africa in 2010, we worked in football clinics and in a «People Trafficking Prevention» program (Johannesburg and Pretoria).

In 2011, during the American Cup in Argentina, we carried out evangelistic activities in the cities and churches, with giant screens, stadium evangelism, soccer clinics, etc.

We collaborated in the Olympic Games in London in 2012 with the program «More Than Gold» (works with evangelism during sporting events). We were also part of the «Free Hosting» program to family members of athletes in London.

In 2014 we attended the World Cup in Brazil and together with the local church, we participated in evangelism outside the stadiums with the «Red Card» program and sports clinics in the neighborhoods.

During the American Cup in Chile in 2015, we worked training and mobilizing the local church to evangelize outside the stadiums with the program «The Final Goal» in the host cities.

In 2016 we went to the Olympic Games in Brazil and evangelized with the network of local churches through the programs «The Truth About Drugs» ( and «Bola na Rede» ( We also provide lodging and accompaniment to families of athletes in Christian homes.

We participated in the World Cup in Russia in 2018 and for three months prior to this event we prepared with a GSR training to develop soccer clinics in two cities of Russia. We were able to work there together with Young Life who works locally.

In the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires we worked as volunteers in different areas throughout the event. We interacted with various athletes and global organizations such as Panathlon International, Fair Play, International Olympic Academy.

Because of this, we believe that events like these are very important because they provide thousands of ways in which we can work together with other ministries and make both athletes and spectators be reached by the message of the Gospel.

Upcoming challenges:

Rugby World Japan – 2019

Olympic Games Tokyo – 2020

Qatar World Cup – 2022

    Sports Chaplaincy

    Athletes face many of the same challenges that others have, but they also face specific challenges related to their position in the world of sports. Sometimes, these issues are very public, sometimes very private. Many times they have only a few people they can trust.

    A sports chaplain is a mature believer who is willing to provide pastoral and spiritual care to those of all creeds and none. A sports chaplain seeks to minister the love of Christ to all in sports in a proactive way, sensibly sharing the message of Christ in a reactive way.

    We provide support to several Argentine athletes during the year and in moments prior to competitions and/or sporting events.

    Land orientation 

    It’s a recreational activity that consists of going through a circuit that is detailed in a geographical chart, with physical demands and timed. Participants must find specific tracks in the marked terrain.

    This activity is widely used to encourage teamwork and thus achieve greater personal knowledge through all the challenges that arise.

    Through the terrestrial orientation we can learn the importance of knowing how to orient ourselves, the use of maps, the correct use of a compass and how to follow instructions to find objectives. If we take it to the spiritual plane, we can assimilate several teachings that we will then apply in our daily life such as: being guided by the Holy Spirit.

    Total Fit

    TotalFit is a training methodology that seeks to address the essential areas of life. This methodology was developed with the collaboration of 10 different countries, and today it’s practiced in more than 35.

    It’s a course for sports professionals who seek to take their classes and students to a broader level of comprehensive health, working their body, mind and spirit. In addition to the technical and didactic part which will add value to their classes.

    Body: Healthy habits in our diet, rest and the practice of physical exercises (unwrapping our 10 physical capacities).

    Mind: Through a better control of stress, motivating new learnings and a better control of emotions and feelings.

    Spirit: A faith in us, in others and in something greater than ourselves, so we find our purpose.

    What do we do?

    60 minute training with reduced student numbers. People of any level of physical condition can participate and together enter into a journey to be the best version of themselves.

    Totalfit works with 6 areas for integral health:

    1. Physical
    2. Intellectual 
    3. Spiritual
    4. Emotional
    5. Social
    6. Environmental