Women of Faith


How can we Christian women make a difference?

We believe that the Church today is becoming aware of its prophetic role and we don’t want to be strangers to it.

What kind of God do we want to make known at a time like this? 

  • A God of power capable of transforming situations that for men are impossible to change.

  • A God who is present in the place of the events and is not silent.

  • A God who identifies with the needs of men.

  • A God of miracles.

  • A communicating God who declares the truth and who exhorts justice.

  • A reconciling God.

  • A God who calls us to mobilize in favor of our neighbor.

  • A God who reveals the hidden.

  • A God who gives us practical strategies to find solutions to our problems.


What does God expect in times like these?

For a long time we wanted to put God in the little space between the four walls of our churches, but the current situation urges us to change and take action. The church must go out to the street, where the people are, with a prophetic voice, leaving any passive and indifferent attitude and creating new strategies to influence our world.

Why women at a time like this? And why not?

  • Because God historically used women for the change of nations (Esther, Deborah, Mary, etc.).

  • Because their fragile presence doesn’t cause a threat.

  • Because their natural sensitivity allows them to identify with the need.

  • Because there is promise of spiritual authority over the woman against the enemy (Genesis 3:15 «And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her seed, it will strike you in the head and you will strike her in the heel»).


Creation of an interdenominational movement of Christian women, who by being present in the place of transcendent events for the community and the nation, can: participate, intercede, denounce unjust acts, declare the principles of God and their truths and minister peace, forgiveness and reconciliation with God and with men.


  • To contribute to the discipleship of the nation through the declaration of values, principles and biblical truths.

  • To favor changes for the development of a safe nation.

  • To become a referent of integrity, with a word of authority before society and the authorities.

  • To move as a consulting body.

  • To mobilize the church in unity to a leading role in the city, becoming a model for other nations.


  • Domestic violence

  • Pro life Coaching 
  • Human trafficking

  • Others

Women of Faith meets the first Tuesday of each month in the National Prayer Center of where women from different congregations attend in order to provide each one with their experience and testimony.