Ready Set Go Multiply School (RSG)


The objective of this school is to bring vision, equip, train and offer tools for our students to develop a leadership with a greater vision for the world of sports, establishing principles and practical foundations in each area and in all its expressions in whatever their context or culture.

As we work carrying the good news, saturating every country, island, territory, club, community, unreached sports and unreached people group, we can achieve what we long for, that everyone would know Jesus.

At the end of the school we will obtain 3 general results:

  1. INSPIRATION (Ready): challenged and inspired to go, responding to the Lord’s call.
  2. STRATEGY (Set): some will develop clear strategies as we focus on where we are going.
  3. MOBILIZATION (Go): some will create platforms that will impel them to go and put into practice what God directs them.