The objective of this school is to equip, train and offer tools for our students to develop a greater vision for the World of Sport establishing
principles and practical foundations in each area and in all its expressions.

Each student will be trained throughout the school in
different branches of sport and in the practice of various disciplines assisted by
professionals. Likewise, we will have teachings where they will receive a biblical foundation
on sports, we will talk about missions in sports, social transformation, major sporting events,
athletes and much more.

Some of the topics to be developed are the following:
General Resume
• ReadySedGO – Vision, Mission, Values, etc.
• Evangelism in sports
• Conflict resolution
• Coaches for Life / Children’s Soccer Instructor
• Sport Nutrition
• Biblical worldview of sport
• First aid
• Sports psychology
• Missions and impacts
• Personal project
•Health and Fitness
• Comprehensive care of the athlete

Methodology: Theoretical-practical classes (daily sports and recreational activities) 
The theoretical part lasts 12 weeks where each of the topics and sports disciplines will be
thoroughly developed, to bring everything learned to a practical time.
School Duration:
Theoretical part: 12 weeks
Practical Part 8 weeks (places to be confirmed)


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