Training and workshops for churches and organizations 

Youth With A Mission offers workshops and training seminars throughout the year. We are committed to seeing a church prepared with tools to transform every area of ​​society.

Below you can see a list of the trainings we offer and how to contact us.


  • Social transformation and the media
  • Jesus-style communication
  • Biblical Foundations of Communications
  • Social networks
  • Photography and editing
  • Photo retouching
  • How to do impact through photography
  • Social campaigns

More info on, or WhatsApp +54 9 11 5605-7896


  • How to start a sports ministry
  • Training for Life – Impacting the lives of children and young people through sports
  • Evangelism in sporting events
  • Health and Fitness

More info on or WhatsApp +54 9  11 2357-4009

King’s Kids – Children and Family

  • Children’s spiritual ability
  • Emerging generation
  • Adolescence and its development
  • Family structure and types of families
  • 7 basic needs of a child
  • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention
  • Gender and abortion ideology
  • Children on missions
  • Postmodernism and the new generation
  • How a child learns
  • Training and tools for Bible school

More info on or our Instagram @kingskidsitu


  • The missionary heart of God
  • Biblical foundation of missions
  • The local church and the missions
  • The unreached
  • World evangelization
  • Religious Blocks (Islam, Buddhism, Judaism)
  • The 9 borders
  • Strategic alliances
  • The missionary’s sending plan
  • Historical perspective of the missions

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Casa de la Mujer

  • Gender violence awareness
  • Accompaniment to women with vulnerable pregnancies
  • Maternity since pregnancy
  • 0800 PROVIDA – How the National Network for the Accompaniment of Women with Vulnerable Pregnancy works

More info on our Instagram @casadelamujeritu

Women of Faith

  • Domestic violence
  • Training for both lives (Abortion and the Blue Wave)
  • Human trafficking

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